Thursday, September 3, 2009

My trip to Fry's!

So that you can get an idea, here's how my shopping trip went. I bought...

12 - Jenni-O Turkey Franks (had a raincheck for them, they were on sale a few weeks ago 10/$10 and there was a $0.55 cent Q out, and after the coupon doubled, they were all FREE)

4 - Bar-S Jumbo Hotdogs

1 - French's mustard

4 - Bounty paper towels (single rolls)

4 - Dial hand soap

4 - Hefty storage bags

2 - Mentos Gum
USED: Mentos Gum, any bottle .55/1 DND (11-30-09) SS-8/16
Mentos Gum, any flavor .55/1 DND (9-30-09) SS-6/21
Final Price: FREE

2 - Comfort diapers ($3 printable Q, and got one in the mail)

6 - Mission soft taco tortillas (10 ct)

For everything else, I used the coupons described in THIS post.

And because my grand total before scanning my Fry's VIP card or coupons was just under $100.00, I was able to use 3 of THESE $5/$25 Q's.

Spent $5.08
Saved: $94.55


Baggiore family said...

They would only let me use one of those $5/$25 coupons from AJ's. DId you do it in 3 separate transactions?

Erica said...

Ok...That is straight up amazing. Well the saving $300 the other day was crazy! I do have a question, the Hefty, I had a Q for the Fresh Zip and did not know if it would work for the bags that where on sale for $1.00. Is that the Q you sued of did you have another one? Which Q did you use for the soap? Help...
You are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Nice! I wish I'd been paying attention when the turkey franks went on sale :( That's awesome

Erica said...

Ok Totally missed your 9/2 entry please disregurd my questions (remeber only a couple hours of sleep) I really am not this drifty all the time.