Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fry's Sale 9/2 - 9/8

Here's a few great deals that I spotted on sale at Fry's this week! For a complete list of what's on sale with the coupon match-ups, click HERE.

**Don't forget that Fry's is double/triple/quadrupling coupons this week, as well as accepting competitor coupons! Gets me all kinds of excited!

If you don't get the Arizona Republic or you didn't save it to get your $/$$ coupons out, you'll find a $5/$25 Q (?) HERE.** You'll want to print the whole page in color so that the cashier doesn't think you photocopied it.

TIP OF THE DAY: To get the most out of your $/$$ Q, you'll want to give it to the cashier BEFORE you hand them all of your other coupons. That way you can use the Q before your total falls below $25.00 (if you're using a $/$$ Q, your total will vary depending on your Q).

As another note, if you have more than one $/$$ Q, you just have to make sure that your pre-Q grand total is equal to or more than the total of your $/$$ Q's.
*For example, if you have (3) $5/25 Q's that you want to use, your grand total before other Q's must be equal or greater than $75.00 in order to use all 3 Q's - and if it is, then you can get the extra $15.00 off!

{BIG BREATH} Here we go!

Chicken Breast, Boneless and Skinless, Kroger Value - First 4
Final Price: $1.67 lb. (per pound)

Dole Salad Blends or Kits, 5-12oz bag
Final Price: .97 each

Cheese, Shredded, Bar or Deli Thin, Kroger, 6-8oz - First 6
Final Price: .97 each

Dannon Activa, 4-6pk or 32oz
USE: Dannon Activia, Activia Light, Activia Fiber or Activia Drinks, any 4-pack $1.00/1
(10-31-09) SS-8/30
(10-30-09) SS-7/26
(11-30-09) SS1-8/9
Final Price: $0.88 each

Bar-S Jumbo Meat Franks - First 4, sale price $0.57 each
USE: Bar-S Printable - $1.00/2 (Print twice!)
Final Price: $0.07 cents each
(Print 2 coupons, buy 4 packs = $0.28 cents for 4 packs)

Fry's Water, 24pk, 16.9oz bottles - First 2
Final Price: $1.88 each

French's Mustard, 12-14oz, sale price $0.88 each
USE: French's Mustard any .50/1 (9-10-09) SS-6/21
Or printable coupon HERE
Final Price: FREE

Hunt's Ketchup, 24oz
Final Price: $0.88 each

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, 6.6-8oz
Final Price: $1.00 each

Bounty Paper Towels, 1 roll, sale price $0.88 each
USE: Bounty Towel or Napkin, any .25/1 (9-30-09) PG-8/30
Final Price: FREE

Dial Hand Soap, 7.5-11.25oz, sale price $1.00 each
USE: Dial Foaming Hand Wash Liquid Hand Soap or Multi-bar pack, any .35/1 (10-31-09) SS-8/16
Final Price: FREE

Hefty Storage Bags, 13-22ct, sale price $0.88 each
USE: Hefty OneZip any $1/2 (10-31-09) RP-8/30
Final Price: $0.38 each

Softsoap Elements Hand Soap, 7.5oz, sale price $1.00 each
USE: Softsoap Ensembles Replacement Base FREE (up to $4.00) when you buy any Softsoap Ensembles Liquid Hand Soap Pump (9-19-09) SS-8/30
Final Price: $1.00 each + Base

CoverGirl cosmetics 33% off!
USE: CoverGirl Face product FREE when you buy one CoverGirl Foundation (9-30-09) PG-8/30
CoverGirl Product, any $1/1 (9-30-09) PG-8/30

Mission Soft Taco Tortillas -10 ct., B1G1, Regularly $2.69 each
USE: Any Mission tortillas $1/1 (10-31-09) SS-8/9 (I have this Q)
You might have this Q: Mission Flour or Corn Tortillas, any .75/1 DND (9-20-09) SS1-8/9
Final Price: $0.69 cents for 2 (buy 2!)

If you see any other great deals going on that I missed, please let me know!

And as always, if you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask!

Thanks PYP for some of this info!


Anonymous said...

Thank you soooooo much! I ran down to Fry's a few hours ago because of this post and was able to get some MUCH needed dial soap & Paper towels! Amongst other things. I'm not sure if anyone else got the Basha's coupons in the mail, but Fry's accepted my Bashas coupon that said "FREE Ice cream & 1 lb Driscoll Strawberry w/ $20 or more puchase". I just substitued kroger products :) THANKS for the heads up! These were the deals I NEEDED!!!

Erica said...

Frys on Avondale and Buckeye would not let me use the AJs Coupons. I was really bummed.