Monday, October 13, 2008

Reading Coupon Codes

When you first start coupon-ing, tring to figure out what all of the codes mean can be a bit confusing, not to mention overwhelming. Here's some help, step-by-step. Check out this example...

USE: Hormel Chili items $0.55 / 2 (4-27-08) SS - 3 / 2

$0.55 / 2 = the value of the coupon/the number of items you have to buy per coupon.

(4-27-08) = the expiration date of the coupon.

SS -3/2 = the name of the coupon insert
* SS=Smart Source
* V=Valassis
* RP=Red Plum
* P&G = Proctor & Gamble, usually comes in the 1st Sunday paper of the month

(there are other codes that may appear on different websites, so if you come across one that you're not familiar with, let me know!) .

and 3 / 2 is the date of the Sunday paper that this coupon came in.

More questions? Leave me a comment and I'll help you out!

Thanks for the breakdown, Allison!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I love saving money too! Thanks for the tips!! FYI, got a 10 dollar off coupon at jc'penny's for any purchase 10 dollars and over that is good only wed and thur.