Saturday, September 12, 2009

Who likes chicken?

So this weeks sales aren't as fun as the past couple of weeks have been so there's not much to report...


In this weeks Food City ad, they're advertising boneless chicken for $1.39/lb. I took the ad to my local Walmart and price matched it to their value pack and got me some fresh yummy boneless/skinless chicken for cheap! Seriously, I got like 18 lbs. of chicken for like $25. I let them defost a little and then split them up, putting 4 breast in a gallon baggy (we usually cook 4 at a time, that's why). That'll make it easier for me to pull out, defrost & cook instead of dealing with the whole heaping value pack, which had about 12 breasts in each of them (I got 3, but might go back next week to get more!).

So if you like chicken, and nice-priced chicken at that, then go & do the same! :)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks! I need to stock up on some chicken. I haven't seen an insanely great deal on chicken for a while, so we ran out :(