Thursday, November 13, 2008

TGFF - Thank goodness for Fry's!

Disclosure: I may be moving as soon as this weekend, as well as heading out of town on Thankgiving vacation next week so forgive me if I'm MIA quite a bit the next couple of weeks. We will be heading to a town where they're not as into couponing as we here in AZ are, AND they don't double coupons! I'm going to attempt to figure out some ways to help my sisters save money - I'll report on that while I'm at it! In the meantime...

Fry's still has their "buy 10, get $5 off" deal going on this week so be sure to take full advantage of it! Check out the deal details HERE!!! Here's a couple of transactions that the hubby and I did on our usual Wednesday coupon shopping trip. Sorry, I still don't have a camera to grace this fine post with a pic, but hopefully will soon!

Transaction # 1:
3 - Nestle morsels
3 - C&H sugar, 5 lbs.
3 - Arrowhead 3L waters
1 - Quaker oatmeal
Had Q's for it all, and got my $5 off!

I paid: $3.60
I saved: $24.60
87% savings. Not shabby!

Transaction # 2:
3 - Arrowhead 3L waters
3 - Nestle morsels
1 - C&H Sugar, 5 lbs.
3 - Powerade (which I used as a "filler", I'll explain this at the end of this post)
Had Q's for all, except the Powerade, and I got the $5 off.

I paid: $3.64
I saved: $18.36
83% savings. I tried to hit my 90% today, but I was willing to pay a little more out of pocket for this stuff.

Paid: $104.50 OOP
Saved: $867.27

. . . try to follow me . . . if you have questions, please let me know!!

Because the deal going on right now is "buy 10 participating items, get $5 off", I had to buy 10 participating items. The list of their participating items is on their weekly ad, which you can pick up at the front of the store, or check out online.

For T2 (transaction # 2), I had 7 things that I knew that I wanted to buy, and I had my Q's ready for them. but 7 wasn't going to get me the $5 off, (the deal is to buy 10 to get $5 off) so I needed to "fill in" (filler) with 3 more participating items. By looking at the weekly ad, I knew that the Powerade was $0.38 cents when I bought 10 participating items, so that's why I chose the Powerade, it was the cheapest (and my hubby wanted some). That brought my total items up to 10 and I got the $5.00 off my order. YAY!

Also, remember, I had to do 2 seperate transactions because Fry's will only double/triple 3 LIKE coupons at a time (hence my buying 3 water, 3 Nestles, 3 sugars, etc. at a time). If you have more of the same coupons, they will accept them, but only at face value. If you want them to double/triple your Q's, do more transactions!

Let me know how you did this week! Happy shopping!


Whetten Family said...

I spent $15.50 OOP and saved 171.78 (92% savings)

I got:
12 C&H Sugars
1 Powerade (filler)
30 Cottonelle TP 4 packs (ended up free with quad coupons)
16 Carnation Evap milks
1 Quaker Oat Meal (Free)
20 Beechnut juices (Free)
3 dog treats (free)
6 Beechnut Rice Cereals (.30 after coupons)
I basically paid for my string cheese, block cheese and bread.

My Fry's is really good about not making you split your transactions into 3's for your coupons to be doubled. It is the only Fry's I know that is okay with it. I ALWAYS ask first if they want me to, and they always say NO it is a pain for them. I doubt it will last forever, but for that....I am lucky!

Connie said...

YOU'RE MY HERO!! Where did you get so many C&H Q's? I only had 4, so bummed. I ordered some Beechnut Q's from Ebay & should be getting them soon, so stoked! :) I might just have to go over to your Fry's for the experience, sounds fun! :) Well done, Master D!

Whetten Family said...

I bought the C&H coupons on Ebay a couple of weeks ago for like $1.00 because I had already used mine at a Fry's in Mesa that had brown sugar on sale for $1.00. I had no idea they would have it go on sale for so cheap, I just knew I wanted to buy some for my year supply.

Luck is so fun sometimes!

Tanya said...

Holy Hannah girl! You freakin amaze me! One of these days I need to have you teach me all your couponing tricks so maybe I can help my mom out!