Wednesday, November 5, 2008

F * Y * I

My current blog address is:
but when people ask me questions about my savings
and I tell them to check out my blog, that address is a bit long & hard to remember.
Therefore, I wanted to let y'all know that in a couple of days I'm going to change it to:
I think/hope that will be easier for people to remember :)
I don't know if that will effect the links that you have to my blog in your favorites
(where my blog better be! ha!),
but just in case it does, I'll post it on the Bargain Mom's Blog too. :)
Or if you'd rather, I'd be happy to email you when I do change it!
Just leave me a comment with your email addy and I'll email you when it happens!
Happy Saving!


The Burners said...

I tried the link but it didn't go through :( What's up with that. I had fun on Saturday btw! Your kids are super cute. You are the best!!

The Burners said...

Hey - I have a question. I ordered my papers but I ordered the Monday-Sunday plus 2 Sundays (which was like $20.95 or something). So does that mean I will get 3 (the typical mon - sun, then the 2 extra)? i always get so confused with those deals :)

Kolina said...


I found Emma's shoe. :) And it inspired me to clean Cailyn's room. LOL


Fawn Harris said...

Please email me connie I love your blog it has helped me out tremendously. Thanks