Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lesson Learned

The Mr. and I hauled our kids to Fry's to buy some more stuff before the sale ends on Tuesday. I had written out everything that I wanted so that I could take advantage of not only the $5/10 deal going on, but also the $5 off $20 Walgreens Q that was floating around and/or this $6/$30 (only good thru today!). But when I handed the Walgreens Q to the cashier, she said they were told not to take it because Walgreens isn't a "food grocery store". DUH. I was pretty bummed. I'll survive. Here's how we did!

Transaction # 1:

We bought:
2 - Beechnut Juice Blends
1 - Land O'Lakes butter
1 - Betty Crocker potato pouch*
3 - Nestle morsels*
3 - Betty Crocker cookie mixes*

Paid: $6.10 (see where that extra $5.00 off would have come in handy?!)
Saved: $20.30
76% savings (BOOOO for me)

I so totally screwed up. I'm not sure how it happened, but in this transaction there's only 7 qualifying products when I had 10 written down on my list, therefore I didn't get my extra $5.00 off. I dunno, my hubby was helping me, and we had the kids, AND I REALLY had to go to the restroom and was in a little bit of a rush...$6.10 isn't bad for all that stuff, but still, I know better!!

Transaction # 2:

We bought:
3 - BeechNut Juice Blends
3 - Philadelphia cream cheese
3 - BeechNut baby cereal
3 - Pillsbury crescent rolls
2 - Betty Crocker cookie mixes
3 - Nestles morsels
3 - Powerade
3 - Arrowhead waters, 3L
Got the $5.00 off for buying 10 qualifying products.

I paid: $8.26
I saved: $44.01
84% savings

FYI - if you haven't already, click HERE & register your Fry's card! You can upload coupons to your VIP card! When you add, say a Betty Crocker potato pouch Q to your card, and then when you buy it at Fry's, the coupon amount will automatically come off of your total, you will see it on your receipt as a manufacturers coupon, and it'll look something like this:
Scuts - BCpotato
I got $1.40 taken off of my transactions using these uploadable Q's. :)

FYI # 2 - In the Albertson's weekly ad, there's a coupon for Philadelphia cream cheese, buy 1, get 2 free. Take this coupon to Fry's!! This week, they have PCC 4/$5 ($1.25 each), so you'll end up paying $1.25 for 3 PCC! :D I love bagels & CC, and CC is great in crock pot meals. :)

FYI # 3
- When I finally did make it to the restroom, they had all of next weeks flyers in a cart and I jacked one. I'll check it out & post the good deals I see for next week, like a gallon milk will be $1.87, yay!


The Burners said...

haha you are so scandelous jacking the flyers for next week :)

Whetten Family said...

If you had gone to customer service, they would have let you add some participating items and given you $5.00 or return them and redone the whole transaction. no joke.

Although Walgreens isn't on the list of "competitors", some Fry's do accept them. Some don't accept Target coupons, although SuperTarget is considered a grocery store. I guess it just depends on your store.

There is a website somewhere that shows future Fry's ads, but for the life of me, I can't remember what the address is.