Monday, November 17, 2008

Better, but still frusterated!

Today I went to Fry's to use the Q's that we all got in Sunday's newspaper. Because I get 3 copies of the Sunday paper, I got 3 sets of Q's, so here's what I got!

3 - Kellogg's Pop Tarts
*Used (1) 3/$3 Q from Safeway Sunday ad
*Used (3) $0.55/1 from 11/9 RP
*Q doubled to $1.00 = FREE

3 - Puff's Tissue
*Used $0.99 cents each - Walgreens Q from this weeks ad
*Used Puffs $0.25/1 from 11/2 PG&E Sunday coupon insert
*Q quadrupled to $1.00 = FREE

3 - Skippy Peanut Butter
*Used 2/$3 - Walgreens Q from this weeks ad
*Used $0.60/1 from 11/16 RP
*Q doubled to $1.00, paid $0.50 each. ($1.50)

3 - Del Monte veggies - $0.88 each, VIP price
*Used $0.30/1 from 11/16 RP
*Q tripled to $1.00 = FREE

3 - Betty Crocker potato pouches - $1.00 each WYB 10
*Used $0.35/1 from 11/16 SS
*Q tripled up to $1.00 = FREE

3 - Betty Crocker cookie mixes - $1.50 each WYB 10
*Used $0.40/1 from 11/16 SS
*Q tripled to $1.00 = FREE

1 - Nestle Morsels - $1.50 each WYB 10
*Used $0.50/1 from 9/14 RP (or 11/2 SS)
*Q doubled to $1.00, paid $0.50

2 - Beech-Nut baby cereal - $1.29 each, VIP price
*Used $1/1 from 10/26 SS, and I bought more from EBAY!
*Paid $0.29 each ($0.58)

3 - Beech-Nut Juice Blends
*Used $0.75/1 from 10/26 SS, also bought these from EBAY!
*Q doubled to $1.00 = FREE

3 - Powerade - $0.38 each WYB 10
*Had to use these as a "filler" to get the $5.00 off; I wanted more sugar, but it was ALL GONE.
*Paid $1.14 for all 3

1 - Fry's bread - $0.88

1 - Fry's tortillas - $1.99

2 - Fry's bleach - 1.39 each
*Paid $2.78 for both.

**Got $5.00 off for buying 10 participating items.

I paid: About $5.00
I saved: About $49.00
About 90% savings

Basically I paid for my bread, tortillas and bleach :)

I had Q's from Safeway and Walgreens that required my cashier to price adjust the items down...

Example: Puff's tissue is Fry's priced $1.79 each. I had the Walgreens Q which should have brought the price down to $0.99 each.

...Well, even though I explained my Q's to the cashier dude super carefully so that he wouldn't screw up, he still totally did. After all my Q's and everything, my total came to $19.74. WTHeck? I looked at him like "WTH did you just do?!" I paid the unimaginable $19.74 only cuz there was tons of people behind me in line and took my stuff over to customer service where the customer service lady there was so totally helpful in getting my money back. I went through my receipt and showed her where the dude didn't price adjust and I got about $15.00 back. Thanks nice CS lady! :) Seriously, that's one of the reasons I do self-checkout, so that I can take my time and fix any mistakes that might happen, right then and there. So, that's why my post says I paid & saved about. The End :)

If you're now getting the Sunday paper, click HERE to see all of the great deals that you can get with just this past Sunday's Q's!!

AND be sure to use this NEW $6/30 Fresh & Easy Q !! HURRY, it expires 11/23! I didn't use it tonite cuz I didn't know about it until I got home! Bummer!

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