Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ebay Q's - worth checking out!!

Did a little shopping today and it went like this:

8 - Beech-Nut baby cereal (see pic) - $1.29 each, on sale!
*Used 8 - $1/1 Q that I bought on Ebay
Paid: $2.47
Saved: $13.16
85% savings

8 - Beech-Nut Juice Blends
*Used 8 - $0.75 cents/1 Q, also bought on Ebay
Paid: ZERO!
Saved: $10.32
100% savings

If you have favorite products that you constantly buy, I suggest going to Ebay and searching for them!! Since I knew that the Beech-Nut baby stuff was on sale at Fry's the past couple of weeks (thanks to a heads up from D!), I jumped on Ebay and bought some coupons! For example...

On Ebay, I ordered a set of:
15 - $1/1 Beech-Nut baby cereal Q's
15 - $0.75 Beech-Nut Juice Blends Q's
15 - $1.50/8 Beech-Nut baby food jars Q's
For 45 coupons, which comes to a savings of $52.50 (Fry's will double the $0.75 Q up to $1.00)
I paid only $5.50! SO worth it.

I also bought a LOAD of Cottonelle toilet paper Q's. I have 78, yes 78, $0.25 Cottonelle toilet paper Q's. Since Fry's is quadrupling coupons right now, I will be getting (78) 4-packs FREE, minus what I'll need to pay in tax.

I asked myself "what am I going to do with 78 packs of TP?" Go TPing? Tempting... But no. Of the 78 packs, I'm donating a good hunk of them to a charity organization that I know is in need. I will also give some to a few friends and family and keep some for our little family as well. How much did 78 TP Q's cost me?

Ebay price + shipping = $6.46.
That comes to about $0.08 cents per 4-pack or $0.02 cents per roll.

How am I getting so much TP from Fry's? Since every Fry's is COMPLETELY out of that TP right now (because of the sale & the Q's that came out on Sunday), I talked with the manager and asked her to please order me 78 packs. I was sure to explain to her that I had that many coupons and that most of the order was going to charity. She was happy to help and I will be picking up my order Thursday morning. I've heard of people special ordering large quantities just for themselves, but this is a new things for me. I'll report on it later! :)

On second thought, who wants to go TPing? hehehe

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