Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Where's the proof?

The proof is in my savings! Do you really need a picture to show you all the cool stuff I bought / got for free? Well, it'd be fantastic if I could get you a pic, but unfortunately, my camera died and I'm totally devistated. Y'all will just have to wait until I can get another. :( Until then, I'll just tell you what I bought today :D Are you ready!?!

20 - Carnation evaporated milk (cans, great for holiday baking.)
{FREE with Q}
36 - 3L Arrowhead bottled water (these alone are picture worthy)
{$0.17 cents each with Q}
9 - Quaker Oats, 18oz
{FREE with Q}
8 - Hefty OneZip gallon storage bags, 13 ct.
{FREE with Q}
3 - Colgate toothpastes
{FREE with Q}
7 - Dial antibacterial liquid soaps
{$0.10 cents each with Q}
10 - Tylenol PM, 24 ct.
{FREE with Q}
4 - Family Size On-Cor frozen dinners (I splurged; I haven't been feeling well and these are really tasty and easy to cook.)
{I had Q's, but they were still $3 each = $12.00! ouch!}
3 - 4 pack Cottonelle toilet paper
{FREE with Q}
3 - Beech-Nut baby cereal (for the future little one, it's good til 2010!)
{$0.29 cents each with Q}
1 - Johnson's baby conditioner (another splurge, for my daughter.)
+ we all have to pay the sales tax for EVERYTHING, free or not.

I paid $30.70 (half of that is due to my urge to splurge!)

I saved: $208.38 - an average of 89.2% savings!

Convinced yet? Are you ready to get started couponing? I had coupons for everything but the Johnson's baby conditioner. My hubby went with the kids and I this time, and it was much easier to do 6 transactions with his help! Thanks babe! And a big thank you to the cashier lady that was so patient with me, my kids and my coupons!

*I did 6 seperate transactions to have all of my Q's doubled/tripled. Don't forget that Fry's will only double/triple the first 3 same Q's, the rest will be honored at face value!

**I also did 6 seperate transactions so that I could get 10 participating items in one transaction so that I would get the $5.00 off my order! Click HERE to see all of the deals going on at Fry's right now and the corresponding Q's!

In the past 24 days since my starting this blog, I have:
Spent: $97.26
Saved: $824.31
88.2% savings!
So do you think my Arizona Republic newspaper subscription pays for itself?
Yes, yes, I believe it does.

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Marcy said...

Okay, I may have to stop checking this blog--it irritates me everytime that not only do we not have Fry's here, but we have NO stores that will double ANY and I will have to have a serious talk when you get here, there must be something more I can do (currently I have been faithfully saving my Sunday paper coupons each week). We can't wait for you to come-it will be so much fun to see you!