Monday, October 27, 2008

Yes, we eat veggies too! Well, sometimes...

After I picked my son up from school, he, my daughter and I headed to Fry's to take advantage of a few things on sale that I didn't get last time I was there, only because they were completely out of what I wanted! I'm not sure what they fed my son at school today, but he was seriously hyped up, driving me nuts at the store, but I still managed to do OK. Here's what we picked up...

18 - boxes of Green Giant Immunity Boost frozen veggies
12 - boxes of Quaker cereal (10 Life, 2 more PB Crunch)
10 - packs of Fast Fixin' chicken strips
8 - 1/2 gallons of milk (only one in the pic, the others I already put away)
2 - loafs Fry's bread

I used:
18 - $0.25 cent/1 Q from 9/7 SS & 10/5 SS (?)
3 - $1/2 Life cereal Q
1 - $1/2 Cap'n Crunch Q
10 - Fast Fixin' printable Q's from HERE

I paid:

I saved:
An average savings of 84.7% (I usually aim for at least 90%, but I'm not complaining!)

And I say average because I did 6 transactions to get all of my Q's doubled/tripled & to get the Quaker cereal deal :) Doing all of this in the self checkout, BY MYSELF, WITH my 2 kids, was kinda tricky, but it IS possible people!! If I can do it, anyone can! :D

Here's what I've spent & saved since Oct. 12, 2008.
Yes, I mean in the past 15 days :)

Spent: $66.56
Saved: $615.93

So, you're wondering why I haven't bought any meats lately? Well, the last time I was at Safeway, they had ground beef on sale for $1.99 lb. (I think, something really cheap anyways), for the good 93/7 beef, and then, if you catch them at the right time of day, they put the ones that need to be bought by that day at 50% off! I scored like 30 pounds of meat for around $25.00. But like I said, that was a while ago and we still have like 20 pounds left in our freezer. :) We don't eat many other meats, only because they're expensive and I can do miracles with ground beef. :) Ocassionally I'll buy chicken, but only when it's $1.77 lb.! :)


Hadley Family Clan! said...

You are amazing! You explain everything so well but for some reason I can't seem to do it. Then again when I read your comment about self checking out and how you had your kids with you it gave me hope that I CAN do it. I need to call you though. I am in aw with all that you get for so cheap. I mean all name brand and yummy food:).

Connie said...

Amy, call me ANYTIME! I'd even love to come over & go shopping with you!

First things first, start collecting all of the coupons you can get your hands on. Organize them by the Sunday paper date that you get them (like in a file folder) and we'll go from there! :)

Brent Festge said...

food storage is for the weak. Only sissies prepare for the future.

Just kidding. Nice work.

Marcy said...

They seriously need to open a fry's here that will double and triple MY coupons! Great job!

Mama Marilyn said...

dang, girl - you are AWESOME! how do you do it? maybe I can learn something from your website... ;o) thanks for sharing!