Friday, October 24, 2008

What's your time worth?

My hubby is home today and I HATE just sitting around when we could be doing perfectly productive stuff together. . . husband and wife, hand-in-hand. So what did we do? He (happily) helped me gather some coupons & we went to Fry's! Here's how it went!

We bought:

12 - Cinnamon Life cereal
18 - Cap'n Crunch w/ berries (2 peanut butter)
11 - Brut deodorant
4 - Tic-Tacs
9 - Celestial Seasonings herbal teas
8 - boxes of Puff's tissues w/ lotion
(to see the Fry's sales going on right now, along with the corresponding Q's (?), click HERE)

We paid:

We saved:
An average of 96.8% savings!

Time spent looking up Fry's deals:
About 30 seconds, it's all RIGHT HERE, the same place it is every week!

Time spent finding (?) & cutting out Q's (?) that we used:
About 20 minutes, while watching a movie & trying to keep my 2 y/o from taking off with my scissors.

Time spent at Fry's?
About 15 minutes gathering everything, and 15 minutes at the self-checkout (so that we didn't clog a regular checkout stand with our 5 transactions)

Is your hour & a half-ish worth $205.65 to you?

*We did 5 separate transactions to get the Quaker cereal 6/$6.00 and to get all of my coupons double/tripled.
**Fry's will only double/triple 3 like coupons each transaction. If you have more than 3, the 4th & so on will be honored at face value. Do more transactions!


Florence 2nd Ward said...

Wow, Connie. You are my hero!

The Burners said...

Oh so you are the one that stole all the puffs! I may have to hurt you :) Awesome deals - good job Connie. You rock!