Thursday, October 23, 2008

Free Coupon Class in Queen Creek!

Kolina, a fellow couponer & food storage diva, is planning a FREE coupon class! I'm really excited about this and hope that everyone can attend! If you have any questions or would like to attend and need directions to her home (which is near Ironwood & Ocotillo), please email her at:

When: Saturday, November 8th
Time: 10:00 am
Where: Her home in Queen Creek
What: Learn about how to:

* Cut your grocery bill in at least half
* Maximize the benefits of using coupons
* Get stuff for FREE
* Work on building your food storage / year supply
* Utilize FREE resources
* Organizing coupons
* I am NOT selling anything. This workshop will focus on FREE services and resources (i.e. I will NOT be advocating the "subscription" coupon services). The only investment required is acquiring Sunday Paper coupons (which you could get for free from family etc.) and some time (as little or as much as you have to put into it).

The workshop is FREE. It is geared towards beginners, but anyone is welcome to attend.

There will be door prizes, and FREEBIES if you bring a friend.

See you there!

** She will be unveiling her "Best Price List, Version 1" which features the items we frequently get on sale with coupons so you know what the best prices are.

Also, be sure to visit her blog, Living Providently!

Thanks Kolina!


Brent Festge said...

I went to this class and it was just a homeless guy who told us you could get free stuff from the dumpster behind Albertson's. Then he asked us for some change.

Connie said...

HA! I assure that wasn't Kolina's class that you went to. But that does sound like an interesting one. Read more of my posts to see what kind of stuff I get free...and I'm about to post about more stuff I just got. Stay tuned!

The Burners said...

hey dont knock dumpster diving :) hahaha. i'm totally there. i will rsvp. super excited. my hubby and i just went to frys last night. my husband couldn't believe the deals we got!! gotta love it!