Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Walgreens!

I actually got that oil change done this morning! So while I was waiting for them to finish, I happily walked myself over to Walgreens. Here's what I did!

I bought:

4 - Walgreens hydrogen peroxide 16 oz. (Reg. $0.69) (my FAV cleaning agent)
1 - Loreal Skin Genesis facial cleanser 8 oz. - $7.99
1 - Gillette Fusion Power Razor - $8.99
1 - Halloween treat bags - $1.50 (we're making treat bags for my sons class, hence all the candy I bought here)
1 - bag of spider rings - $0.99
Retail price: $22.23

I used:

1 - $4.00/1 Gillette Fusion Q (?) (9/28 P&G) (?)
1 - $3.00/1 Loreal Q (the checkout lady had one, thank you!)
1 - 2/$1.00 hydrogen peroxide (from weekly flyer)

I paid:

$15.91 OOP (?)

I get back:

$7.99 Walgreens mail-in rebate for the Loreal facial cleanser (FAR = free after rebate)
. . .I haven't done a Walgreens rebate before, but I've heard it works great! I'll submit it online and let you all know how long it takes to get my $$ back. For more info, click HERE.

$4.00 RR (?) for the Gillette Fusion Power Razor

Therefore, after my MIR & RR (?), the total I've paid is $3.92 OOP


Living Providently said...

The rebates come back really quick if you submit it online. About 3 weeks I believe, but you can track it online. If you put it on a gift card you get a 10% bonus. Then each month you can have them put it on the same gift card, then basically "roll" your gift card for more free after rebate items. Good luck! I have been enjoying Walgreen's more than CVS lately.

PS I am hosting a beginner's workshop in November if you would like to post the information. The info is on my blog.

Happy Shopping!! :)

Fawn Harris said...

I used to work at Walgreens for three years and they have two ways of doing the rebates. One you get a check in the mail. Or two you put it on a gift card that you can only use at walgreens but they put I think ten percent more on the card. So you get more money back to use in their store.

Connie said...

Awesome info, thanks! I figured now is the time for me to start "rolling" some Walgreens cash & get into it. :) I'll keep y'all up to date! :)