Friday, August 7, 2009

Walgreens Huggies Wipes deal

Here's a fun deal that you can do if you get to it soon enough! HURRY, the $5/$25 coupon expires 8/8!!

At Walgreens right now, at the front of the store you will find "Back to School" coupons - pick one up. They're next to the weekly ads.

There's a $2.00 off any Huggies wipes Q in there.

Pick up 8 boxes of any Huggies wipes and take them to the register! (Yes, 8. You're going to need to kick your pre-tax total over $25.00 to use the coupon below)

The boxes are regularly $3.29 each x 8 = $26.32 (before taxes)

The coupon will take $2.00 off for each box = $2 x 8 = $16.00

$26.32 - $16.00 = $10.32

Print out THIS Walgreens coupon for $5.00 off $25.00 purchase.

Final price = $5.32 for 8 boxes of Huggies wipes!

PLUS - if you have any of the Huggies wipes coupons that came in the 7/19 SS, use them to save even more money!!

Good Luck!

(let us know if this works for you, it hasn't worked for everyone, because the Walgreens Back to School Q's (coupon) is ringing up as a Manufacturer Q's sometimes so the cashier's have to fix it, but has worked for some!)

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The Burners said...

Crapola! I just saw your comment today. I totally missed it :( Oh well, there's always a great bargain around the corner, right?