Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Question - Ordering the Newspaper

"I don't want the newspaper for Monday through Saturday and was looking into an East Valley Tribune subscription. Does the Tribune have the same coupons as the Republic?" ~M

Great question!

The East Valley Tribune is a fantastic newspaper for information, but not so great on the coupon end. It usually only has one or the other when it comes to weekly inserts . . . either a Smart Source or Red Plum insert. I, along with most other coupon-aholics, as well as Coupon$ense and Pinching Your Pennies, promote the Arizona Republic simply because their Sunday newspaper supplies the most coupons weekly for your buck. And the more coupons you have, the more money you're going to save.

My subscription delivers the paper to me Monday - Sunday, and I get 2 extra Sunday papers. I have 2 little kids at home, with one on the way and I have neither the time nor desire to sit down & read the newspaper everyday. Especially since the birth of the internet. So what do I do with the other newspapers? All of the grocery ads come on Wednesday, so I will usually keep that paper in case I want to ad-match something at Walmart. Otherwise, I have a box in my garage that I throw the other papers in and when it gets full, I either take it to be recycled, or donate it to my sons school, for art projects & such.

If finding an extra $20.00 each month is an issue, another alternative is to split your subscription with a coupon-ing friend of yours! The subscription price to get 3 Sunday papers is $20.58/month. But if you subscribe to get 6 Sunday papers for $27.08/mo. and split it, that's just $13.54 each, making each Sunday paper just over $1.00 for each Sunday paper. I have a few friends that do this and it works out great for them.

I'd say, go head & subscribe to the AR, and after giving it an honest shot for at least a full month and if you really don't feel like you're getting your $$ worth, just call & cancel. :) But rest assured . . . you'll definitely save much, much more than than the subscription price. I do - and my posts prove it.

Happy saving!

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