Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear"

We all know that hard times have hit a lot of people. My friend Deanna wrote an awesome post about being prepared and how to go about it without going bankrupt or losing your mind. Please read her post HERE. You'll be glad you did!

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The Burners said...

Hi Connie,

I love your new blog :) I'll add it to my "how to prepare" blog list :) a member of our ward also has an excellent blog about food storage/preparing for the last days blog. very through!

i wanted to make you aware of a sale going on a staples. 10 gallon plastic storage bins that are usually $10.99 are now on sale for about $2. great for storage of winter clothes, food or even charcoal (for food preparation). just thought i'd give you a heads up to share with other or just use the information yourself :)

Lots of love!