Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Snack Attack!

There's been some good grocery deals going on around town and today we took advantage of them! Thanks to the LaVoz newspaper, I got some smokin' deals, and a lot of them! Here's the breakdown...

3 - Sally Hansen Hard as Nails nail polish

20 - Fiber One Chewy Bars

3 - Nature Valley dark chocolate & nut bars (for my dad-in-law :) )

3 - Nature Valley Granola Clusters

10 - Chex mix bars

23 - Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks (my son is excited about the Transformer & Spiderman!)

6 - Old El Paso taco shells

3 - Nursery water (1 gal.)

1 - SoBe Lifewater

1 - Dial hand soap

9 - Hamburger Helper (I wasn't sure about these, but they have some flavors I'm willing to try!)

16 - Betty Crocker cookie mixes

2 - Betty Crocker brownie mixes

1 - Betty Crocker warm delight

5 - Wonder white bread loaves

10 - Pillsbury Grands! biscuits

5 - Pillsbury sweet rolls

2 - Yoplait Go-Gurt

The promotion going on is that when you buy 10 participating items, they'll take $5.00 off. All in all, I got {11} - $5.00 rewards taken off.

I also used {5} $3/$30 Fresh 'n Easy coupons from the Sunday newspaper. I love when Fry's accepts competitor coupons!

Total spent: $47.10

Total SAVED: $318.28

The reason(s) that I got so many snacks is that 1) I don't enjoy paying full price for anything, and 2) my snack goal is 6 snack for under $1.00. I have a youngster in school that I pack lunches for and he enjoys snacks and the rest of us like snacks too! And when I can get them at rock bottom prices, I stock up. And stock up I did. :)

Usually, Fry's will only double/triple/quadruple 3 like coupons per transaction. So if you had more than 3 of the same coupons that you wanted to use, you would have to do seperate transactions, and make sure that you had 10 participating products in your transaction to get the extra $5.00 off. It's kinda tricky, but it's possible. But I owe a big thank you to the cashier that didn't make me do seperate transactions! I REALLY appreciate it! :D

Tomorrow (Wednesday) brings all new sales at the grocery stores, so stay tuned!

And as always, let me know if you have any questions!

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