Monday, October 20, 2008

EXPIRED - Omaha dessert & 6-piece cutlery set for $3.98!

This is an awesome deal where you can get a few Free Gifts and a delicious dessert for you from Omaha steaks & Geico Priveleges!

Just order any dessert priced at $14.99 and receive a free 6-piece cutlery set and cutting board with promotion. Use a coupon code from Geico Privelages (which will be emailed to you), and you’ll only pay $3.98 total to have all items shipped to your door!

Here’s how to get yours:

1.) Click HERE to register with GEICO Privileges (you don’t have to be a GEICO customer to use their privileges!)

2.) Within an hour or two, you’ll receive an email from GEICO Privileges (the Subject line reads: ENJOY Your Omaha Steaks e-Certificate from GEICO Privileges!).
Within that email is a link which will direct you to the GEICO site displaying your $25 coupon code (these are unique codes and may only be used once).

3.) Make note of the coupon code, and then click HERE to access Omaha Steaks (not all Omaha links have the same prices and offer the same freebies…I already tried going through Ebates, but it didn’t work!)

4.) From the Appetizers/Sides/Desserts category, select Desserts.
(I've been hearing reports that you don't have to necessarily choose a dessert, so try choosing some steak burgers instead if you'd like! See how it goes at check-out!)

5.) Scroll to the Sweet Treats category and add 1 Dessert that is $14.99

6.) Select Checkout (the free 6-piece cutlery set and cutting board will be displayed on the Checkout page).

7.) Select Checkout again (via either Paypal or standard checkout)

8.) Enter your billing information and select Continue Checkout

9.) Enter shipping information (or select “Ship to Myself”), then select Continue Checkout

10.) From the Payment page, your initial balance of $28.98 will be displayed. Enter your $25 gift code from Geico Privileges (PIN is not required) and click Apply. Once the code has been applied, your balance will change to $3.98.

11.) Enter your payment information and scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Place Order. (I ordered today and the approximate arrival date is scheduled for “on or before October 29, 2008.)

(I paid $8.98, $5.00 more, because I REALLY wanted the brownie cheesecake. I'm pregnant, I can have what I want.) :)

Thank you, Sisterly Savings!!

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